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This is a RP journal for Kaede/"Lucy", the protagonist of Elfen Lied. I am not Kaede, her mangaka or the producers of her anime. Kaede is 18. I am well over 18. As a responsible rper I should warn that this character and her canon carry a giant pile of trigger warnings including for extreme violence, cruelty to children and animals, slavery, mind control, mutilation, torture, sexual assault and all sorts of other nastiness. Kaede herself is not the perpetrator of any of this, except for the "extreme violence and mutilation" part; instead she was on the receiving end of a lot of it and is prone to brooding on it and occasionally having flashbacks. She rarely does violence to others without provocation, but she will not hesitate to kill the ever loving shit out of anyone who attacks her or a friend of hers, betrays her, or tries to capture or exploit her. I believe in consent-based RP and will contact players to hash out any truly violent incidents.


Kaede, known to the researchers who kept her captive for three years as "Lucy", is the only pure, full-female Diclonius in existence. Her unusual appearance has alienated her from humans her entire life; she was abandoned by her father, bullied by children and adults as a child, and eventually held as a captive and experimental subject by a secret organization. Embittered and alienated from humanity, she has come to believe that humans are essentially evil and inferior, and that her own race must supplant them. Unfortunately for humans, she can back up this hatred, and defend herself from theirs, by use of her vectors--a set of four, two-meter-long invisible arms which are much faster, stronger, and more versatile than normal limbs.

Diclonius are a human offshoot possessing short bony horns, pale skin, pink through dark magenta hair, and ruby eyes. Except for Kaede, who was born of human parents (basically a mutant) and developed at a normal rate, Diclonius are sterile females who age at twice normal human rate and develop their vectors at the volatile age of three. They are born when Kaede(or one of them) uses her powers to alter the DNA of men she comes in contact with; every child he fathers after that will be one of these female "drones", also known as Silpelit. Unlike the rest of her race thus far, Kaede is fertile and would presumably give birth to other full Diclonius children. She and her "drones" also share a weak psychic link which allows them to find each other. All Diclonius are hyperintelligent, yet their emotions mature at the same rate as a human's and are very human-like.

Unfortunately for the Silpelit, a top-secret, government-backed organization discovered Kaede and her "offspring" and began a lengthy campaign to collect all of them. Some were surrendered at birth by their human parents, convinced that their children were victims of a dangerous genetic plague. Some were collected after reaching the age of three and having their first tantrum after developing their vectors--a tantrum that invariably ended with their killing every human around them. Lucy was hunted for years, learning to kill more subtly (usually aneurisms or heart attacks caused by materializing the tips of her vectors' fingers inside someone's heart or brain)in order to avoid detection. She also deliberately infected as many men as she could, creating thousands of Silpelits over the years, all of which were either captured or killed by the organization. The captured ones were subject to brutal experiments, as was Lucy herself when she was finally captured at the age of fifteen.

Most of the captured offspring died in horrible ways, sometimes taking several humans with them in the process. Their treatment at the hands of their captors left them broken, some brainwashed into servitude, some driven violently insane, many kept under mind control to prevent them from attacking their captors. Kaede resisted being controlled, and eventually escaped.

Generally she is played either immediately after her escape (minus the bullet to the head) or post-series. Her split personality, Nyuu, is not generally in evidence in either version.
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